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Welcome to Banter Bin(go)™ at People Sorted!

Tired of those eye-roll-inducing moments at work? Fed up with cringe-worthy jokes and awkward encounters? So are we! So, get ready to flip the script because Banter Bin(go)™ is here to shake up your workplace dynamic like never before!

At People Sorted, we’re all about creating an atmosphere where everyone feels valued and respected. That’s why we’ve cooked up Banter Bin(go)™, a session so unique and engaging it’ll have your team rethinking the way they approach humour in the workplace!

But before we dive headfirst into the world of workplace banter, let’s break it down, shall we?

What is Workplace Banter?

Healthy workplace banter is like the seasoning of office life—it adds flavour, livens up the atmosphere, and brings people together. Picture those kettle conversations, the inside jokes, and the playful venting among colleagues—that’s banter in action!

But here’s the thing: while banter can be a fantastic way to build camaraderie and encourage a positive work environment, it’s important to know where to draw the line. That’s where Banter Bin(go)™ comes in!

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Healthy or Unhealthy: What’s the Difference?

Healthy banter is all about good-natured fun and mutual respect. It’s about sharing a laugh, lightening the mood, and building connections with your colleagues. But when banter crosses the line into harassment territory, that’s where things take a turn.

Do your staff love banter, but not the hot water of employment tribunals? Our session delves deep, shedding light on how seemingly harmless banter can lead businesses straight into dangerous territory. Managers emerge not only entertained, but with a newfound appreciation for employment law through down-to-earth case studies and an experiential learning space. After all, Banter Bin(go) is more than just fun—it’s a safe and interactive way to learn and grow.

At People Sorted, we’re all about promoting a culture of respect and inclusivity, which is why we are here to help you navigate the fine line between harmless banter and harmful behaviour.

Why Choose People Sorted?

Interactive Learning:
Say goodbye to snooze-worthy presentations! Our sessions are an interactive fiesta that’ll have everyone laughing, learning and fully engaged.

Aha Moments Galore:
Prepare for plenty of lightbulb moments! Our Bingo-ers dive deep into the world of workplace banter – good and bad. Through lively discussions and hands-on activities, we’ll uncover the truths behind those seemingly harmless jokes.

Adios, Awkwardness:
Sick of those cringy moments? We arm your team with the tools they need to recognise and address harmful banter, transforming those awkward encounters into opportunities for growth.

Fun, Fun, Fun:
Banter Bin(go)™ makes serious stuff accessible. With loads of laughs and feel-good vibes, our session creates an atmosphere where learning feels less like a lecture!

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Elevating Banter Awareness

Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of laughs, ‘oof’ moments, and lightbulb realisations as our Bingo-ers come face to face with the risks of their bant-erous behaviour.

Are you ready to transform your workplace culture? If you’ve ever found yourself nodding along to any of the following scenarios:

– Have a team that doesn’t ‘get’ why Banter is risky?
– Do they still love the ‘BANTZ’ despite your warnings?
– Still hearing those cringe-worthy jokes?
– Hearing stuff that makes you do that plumber noise?
– Do you get “s’alright, it’s just a joke”?

Then you might just need Banter Bin(go)™️!

Ready to Get Your Banter On?

Say goodbye to awkward encounters and hello to a workplace where respect, understanding, and laughter reign supreme! Contact us today to book your Banter Bin(go)™ sessions and take the first step towards creating a workplace culture that’s as vibrant and inclusive as it is fun! Let’s banish bad communication and embrace a whole new world of workplace hilarity with People Sorted!

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