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Meet the team

Here at People Sorted, we only work with awesome people. Learn more about the fabulous individuals that make up our current team.

Michelle Hartley
Jonathan Wadsworth
Naomi Withers
Alison Spooner
Raimon Hartley
Silver the cat in a pink and purple circular frame
Rosie the cat in a pink and purple circular frame

Michelle is insightful, switched on, a great presenter, she keeps learning to short sound bites, keeping the trickiest of customers engaged and has a wicked sense of humour!


Clare Farmer

Michelle is a breath of fresh air and I’m excited about my future and the future of the profession knowing that Michelle is out there...


Saoirse Bowe

HR can often be bland and stuffy in the online space but not with Michelle. She brings humour, joy and bundles of creativity to everything she does.


Matt Wallace

This is Marée, a colorful new portfolio for presenting your work. If you’re a modern illustrator or a designer, we made Marée for you.